Data model­ling and proces­sing for histo­rical Scho­lar­ship: How Rese­arch Design and Metho­dolgy affect Data Management 

Vortragsreihe: Von Büchern zu Bytes. Die digitale Transformation in der Geschichtswissenschaft.

Termin22. März 2024, 10–11:30 Uhr
Vortra­gendeDr. Jaap Geraerts (IEG Mainz)
OrtOnline (Zoom)

Broadly spea­king, this seminar will address the appli­ca­tion of digital methods in histo­rical rese­arch. More speci­fi­cally, it will tease out how the various compon­ents of desig­ning a rese­arch project – the rese­arch ques­tions, the corpus or corpora of (primary) sources, and the digital tools and methods used – mutually influence each other. Which data is neces­sary to answer specific rese­arch ques­tions and how will these shape the ways in which the data should be struc­tured and modelled? What are the advan­tages and limi­ta­tions of exis­ting digital tools and how can they be applied most effec­tively in rela­tion to the project’s data and the ques­tions it seeks to address and answer? How, in other words, can the huma­ni­ties side of a project on the one hand, and its digital side on the other, be engaged in a fruitful dialogue?
Touching upon the larger topic of data literacy, this seminar aims to discuss and work out toge­ther with the parti­ci­pants about how digital methods can be inte­grated into histo­rical rese­arch projects. It will do so on the basis of some rese­arch projects that are curr­ently under­taken at the Digital Huma­ni­ties Lab at IEG Mainz. This project-based approach allows us to high­light theo­re­tical and prac­tical issues when it comes to the appli­ca­tion of digital tools and methods, and to show the links between the former and the project’s rese­arch design.

Wenn das Einver­ständnis der Vortra­genden vorliegen sollte, wird die Veran­stal­tung entweder auf Zenodo oder auf YouTube im Nach­gang veröffentlicht.